About Foundation

The Foundation's aim is to preserve cultural heritage of Warsaw, especially in the following areas:

  • Revitalization and protection of architectural monuments of historical heritage of Warsaw;
  • Propagation and dissemination of knowledge related to the history of the city of m.st. Warsaw;
  • Development of forms of management of historical monuments through partnership with domestic and foreign private and public entities within the framework of national and European strategies for the development of cultural tourism areas;
  • Popularizing Warsaw as a place of investment and business, taking into account its social, tourist and cultural significance;
  • Activities for the revitalization, conservation, renovation and modernization of historic buildings and monuments in Warsaw;
  • Undertaking initiatives to to build its image as a historical-cultural place of European significance;
  • Cooperation with public and private institutions in launching and implementing comprehensive conservation programs for collections of movable monuments and preservation and digitization of historical monographs and archives of Warsaw;
  • Participation in the construction, extension, reconstruction and adaptation of cultural infrastructure within the m. Warsaw as a place of symbolic significance for Polish culture.

The Foundation realizes its goals by:

  • Cooperation with housing communities and owners of historic buildings located in Warsaw;
  • Acquisition of national and European public and private funds for investment financing and promotion of the City of Warsaw and its history;
  • Interacting with third parties, both private and public, for the implementation of projects envisaged for urbanized areas coordinated by national or European administrations;